Alaysia Jordan

I began my creative career through vocal performance, studying it for over twelve years into college. I enjoyed singing in several different languages, *insert eye-roll* but something wasn't sitting right with me in regards to this career path. I knew that I needed a change and wanted to find another way to tell a story and communicate with the masses. So I transferred colleges and changed my major. My focus was creative writing and screenwriting, which in turn sparked my interest in being a novelist, photography, and film production. From there I've worked on or have been in features, shorts, indie films, commercials, album works, catalogs, and campaigns. I'm currently writing my second novel. Cross your fingers, I'm currently querying!


I am actively seeking immediate hire/representation that would incorporate most if not all of my creative skills: directing, writing, photography, actor/modeling, and producing.

Thanks for visiting my site! Please stop by again.

- Alaysia

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