Availability: I'm booking late FEBRUARY through MAY. (2022)

Logos: Logos and minimalistic or abstract backgrounds and designs.

SM ART: Art that can be used for branding and social media. (Twitter, IG, Facebook, Blog posts, social media icons, etc.)

CONTACT: Have any questions? Want to inquire about my doodles? Contact me!



Branding designs, logos, etc. are important visual calling cards/representations of you and or your business.


All designs come with concepts sketches/mock-ups, round(s) of major changes unless stated differently below or in the design brief, and a high res version(s) with the option of a low res.

Why these prices? Research, Brainstorming, Concepts, Mock-Ups, Revisions, and Production = hours of work. Your ideas are precious but so is my time. 😉

At the bottom of this page, fill out the contact form. We will have a consultation via email or occasionally via phone. Then I will share a quote with you. If I meet your needs, you will agree with the design brief and I will get to work!


Need a logo for personal use or a company? Need an abstract background design/pattern for your website or phone? Inquire HERE.

Logos are forever! Please keep that in mind.

Simple Logo: $150 or more as a set price

Intermediate Logo: $400 or more as a set price

Complex Logo: $700 or more as a set price

(PNGs, JPEGs, HTML color codes, 300 DPI)

Name designs to match book cover: $25 hourly rate or set price.

Backgrounds: $25 hourly rate or set price.



Social Media Art is marketing - a design/illustration that reflects your brand. This includes stickers to twitter/facebook cover designs to revamping your dated design, themed icons for your website or instagram, story templates, your name to match the aesthetic of your book cover, bookmarks, business cards, blog banners,  phone wallpapers, youtube channel art, site backgrounds, advertisements, book quotes/reviews, "Out Now" or "Preorder" ads, and/or anything in between. Inquire HERE.

$25 hourly rate or set price.




Sometimes I work hourly, other times I have a set price. The amount of time and work dedicated to the project varies from client to client! Anything within a week and a half is considered an expedited design and is subject to an additional $30 fee. Most if not all communication will be via email. The prices above are very close estimations. Please inquire below with your needs. After a consultation I'll give you a quote! 

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