I Don't Want To Do This

I have to be honest with you guys. I don’t want to do this bleepin blog. I was once told that if I created one, this would kind of sort of present itself as a resume so that when I apply to jobs, where the main focus is writing, I can say on my actual resume “yeah, I have a blog. People may or may not be reading it.” Like you. You’re reading this (I don’t know why) and you’re probably thinking “What is this ---?” Well I’m thinking the same exact thing. See, I don’t want to waste your time, but I have to write about something so this is my topic for today: I Don’t Want To Do This.

Q: “So why are you doing this?” You may ask.

A: Because I got in an argument with my boyfriend about why I’ve had no motivation towards my career as a novelist in the past eight months.

That scared him. He was truly worried for me. He gave me the focused glare followed by a “do you have ambition?” speech. I think he started sweating. But he doesn’t get what writers block does to me. He is so “logical” and all about that sociological psychological gobbledygook that it’s hard for him to understand why I “chose not to write.” First off, in my head… it is NOT a choice. Sitting at a computer or looking at my notebook and not being able to write down a title, a sentence, a letter, a doodle is NOT a choice. Secondly, I want to write. I love it. But I have issues.  Yes. Us women are fabulous multi-taskers but when it comes to this… I lose it. For some reason I have a hard time feeling/being inspired after working a 9 to 5 shift at a job that is in desperate need of creativity. When I get home, I want to chill out, not write. Whether that’s playing FarCry 4, catching up on my Naruto or Scandal, or eating several bags of Miss Vickies jalapeño (whycantyoumakeafamilysizebag) chips, I lack the motivation to continue writing. So then I put the cherry on top by suggesting he support me quitting my job and of course that went well. Hehe.

So this is new for me. I am a new blogger in the sea of blogs, blogging about stuff I do like, don’t like, and hope to pursue. The goal is to move people through words, music, photos, fashion, art, and everything in between. I pray that this keeps the juices flowing (dontthinklikethatyougrossyesyougross) or get your creative juices flowing and hopefully through this new adventure I can further become the creative being that I’ve always meant to be. So welcome. Thanks for joining me on this journey.

Water & Coconut Oil,


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