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Website Design


"During my initial consultation with Alaysia, my first impression was that I needed to work with her! Building a website and an author brand to go along with it can seem like a daunting task, but she was so kind and professional and I could tell that she took a genuine interest in helping me bring my project to life. Along the way, she made sure to keep me updated on the design process by asking for my input while also making (optional) suggestions that for me, made my website truly stand out. I highly recommend Alaysia to anyone out there who needs web work done."

— Amber Wyatt, Author



Amber Wyatt is a horror author! She was in need a of new website and logo that fits the genre she writes. Her previous website was missing some details that would allow her to connect with her audience and some design elements didn't fit the desktop or mobile formats.

I really enjoyed this project but especially the creation of Amber's logo. It was a good challenge trying to create a scalable design that still resembled a grungy typewriter. Aside from the napkin sketches presented, I created many iteration of the potential final design, but nothing felt right until I came up this stencil-like design.

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