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Year: 2021, 2020

"Working with Alaysia was a smooth and straightforward process. From the phone consultation to communication when designing my logo, Alaysia was also open and receptive. She asked questions that helped me to really determine what I wanted from my logo and she took into account even the smallest of details that I asked for. Throughout the experience, it was very clear that Alaysia valued my creative vision, and I would definitely recommend working with her and her services!"

— Laila Sabreen, Author of You Truly Assumed



Laila Sabreen is a return client! Our initial collaboration's goal was an author logo that matched the genre and age category she writes in: Young Adult Contemporary.

Later, with the upcoming release of her new book, Laila was seeking promotional designs that fit the color scheme of YOU TRULY ASSUMED's book cover and themes of her story. These designs would be included in the novel's preorder campaign. The results of this included a bookmark and a sticker.

In both cases, napkin sketches were provided as well as multiple iterations. She was happy with the final result.

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