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Welcome to my digital home. Stay a while.

I'm alaysia;


a visual designer.

I'm a New York-based designer with a wide creative background in illustrative graphic design, photography, production coordinating, styling, and writing. I'm interested in creating empathetic human-centered experiences in both the digital and physical space.

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Tall Buildings
Passero Realty: Commercial Real Estate

Web Design, Web App Design, Logo Redesign, UX Research

You're an established real estate broker with decades of experience, but your current website is dated and you need a place where potential clients can learn more about you and what you have to offer.

Better Together: Make Volunteering Easy

App Design, Visual Design, UX

"Too busy with my job." "I don't know where to go." "I don't have the time to do it." How can we make it easier to give back to the communities we live in?

Chef Garnishing
Prepare: Recipe & Training Platform

App Design, Web Design, Visual Design, UX

You're a chef. You just walked into work during a rush. Your lead tells you there's a new recipe on the menu. You've never made it before--but you have to now, on the fly. What do you do?

Testimonials from Clients

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